Did you receive an incorrect BCBS NC rate increase?

4 Nov , 2014,
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The following post comes directly from Blue Cross Blue shield of North Carolina:

This week, many BCBSNC individual customers received letters telling them how much their health plans will cost in 2015. About 42,000 customers received notices that contained an incorrect premium amount. We’re very sorry about this mistake and we will be sending corrected rate notices to those customers.  In the meantime, we know you have questions about whether the rate notice you received is correct.

How do I know if my rate notice is correct?

The error affected only customers who are grandfathered and have a Blue Advantage health plan with a $15 co-pay for primary care office visits (Plan A).

Here’s what to look for:

  1. Does the rate notice you received contain the following language:  “Good news: your health plan is grandfathered…”GoodNews

  2. Is your co-pay for Primary Care Physician office visits $15?IDCard

If you answer “yes” to both of these questions, then the rate you received the week of Oct. 27 is incorrect.

So, when will I know how much my health plan will cost?

We have corrected the mistake and are printing new rate notices as we speak. Customers should begin receiving them the week of Nov. 3. If you’d like to know sooner, you can call the customer service number listed in your rate notice starting 10/31/2014. Our Customer Service Professionals have the correct information and can tell you how much your health plan will cost in 2015.

What if my letter does not say I’m grandfathered and/or my Primary Care co-pay is something other than $15?

If that’s the case, then the rate notice you received is correct and your rate was affected by the factors we discussed in our previous blog post about 2015 rates.

How did this happen?

We’re human and sometimes we make mistakes. We regret that it happened and we’re working to fix it.

Can I expect my rate to be less than what my letter shows?

In most cases, yes. About 38,000 customers received a rate that is too high. About 4,000 customers received  rates that are lower than what they should be. Again, all customers who were affected by the error will get a corrected rate notice the week of Nov. 3.