NC: Get a New Plan for 2014!

Have you received a letter from your health insurer with BIG premium increases for 2014?

Some North Carolina Insurance companies are forcing their individual plan clients to become compliant with the new healthcare law on January 1st, 2014. These changes mean BIG premium increases for many North Carolina residents!

North Carolina, you have other options!

Not all insurers are requiring clients to become compliant with new health law on January 1st, 2014. In fact, many insurers will let you keep your plan until it renews in 2014. For example, if you enrolled now for a policy with Coventry, effective November 1st, 2013, you could keep your policy until November 1st, 2014, before having to enroll in a new ACA compliant plan. For many North Carolina residents, this could mean BIG premium savings!

See your Options – NOW!

Simply CLICK HERE, or on the CoventryOne logos anywhere on this page to get a free, no-obligation rate quote! We just saved one North Carolina Family almost $1000 per month by moving them to a new individual health plan before January 1st!!!



CoventryOne not available in your North Carolina County?

We have other options available, including UnitedHealthOne and CIGNA. Contact us today for a quote!