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If you need a North Carolina Obamacare agent, then look no further. can help you navigate the Federal Marketplace in North Carolina. As your North Carolina Obamacare agent, we can help you complete your subsidy determination, select a health insurance plan, and get enrolled. Contact us today for help! On March 23, 2010 President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). PPACA is also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Obamacare, and Healthcare Reform.  This law brought sweeping changes to the North Carolina insurance industry almost immediately!

President Obama signs Obamacare into law - a big day for North Carolina Obamacare Agents

Why do you need a North Carolina Obamacare agent?

Depending on where you live in North Carolina, you will have a variety of health plans to choose from. Not all Obamacare plans will be available in all North Carolina counties. In addition, provider networks may vary by region, depending on where you live in North Carolina. Currently, 3 different insurers are offering North Carolina Obamacare plans. Another consideration is that rates will vary across counties in North Carolina – just one more reason you should work with a North Carolina Obamacare agent! Making sense of the process – working with a Northh Carolina Obamacare Agent can help you understand the difference between the subsidy determination application, and the health plan enrollment process.

The subsidy determination application is the process by which the Marketplace assesses your eligibility for an advanced premium tax credit (APTC). Your APTC may be used to reduce your health insurance plan premium on either a monthly or annual basis – consult your North Carolina Obamacare agent for more information. In addition, as your agent we can even use our Subsidy Calculator to estimate your subsidy before applying!

Currently, there are a total of 67 Qualified Health Plans offered in North Carolina. In addition, North Carolina is divided into 16 geographic regions. Depending on the area, each of the NC counties will have either 1 – 3 catastrophic plans, 3 – 8 bronze plans, 6 – 12 silver plans, and either 3 – 6 gold plans, and 1 – 2 platinum plans. Sound like a lot of choices? It is! So be sure to contact your North Carolina Obamacare Agent today for assistance!

These new Qualified Health Plans – some call them “Obamacare Plans” have very different plan benefits. Some of these plans have a very strict HMO or EPO type arrangements. It is important to know if your QHP / Obamacare plan has out of network benefits. What if your doctor is out of network? Will your plan allow you to see an out of network doctor? Your North Carolina Obamacare Agent can help you check provider networks for various plans to help select the plan that is best for you!

About your North Carolina Obamacare agent – in order to be certified to sell health insurance plans (“Obamacare Plans”) in the Federal Facilitated Marketplace, agents must complete certification through HHS and CMS and complete any training required by QHP issuers. Not all insurance agents have completed the process to become a North Carolina Obamacare Agent, be sure to ask! We always encourage North Carolina Insurance consumers to KNOW WHO YOU ARE WORKING WITH! Our National Producer Number (NPN) is 7889453. You can look us up with the North Carolina Department of Insurance at the following link, simply by using the National Producer Number:


North Carolina Obamacare Agent Update: 10/15/2013

It appears things are improving over at Currently, we have experienced some issues with the identity verification portion of the website. Please remember to input your agent/brokers information under the “Need Help Applying” section – click on the image below for more details. Your “Need Help Applying” information for your South Carolina Obamacare Agent is NPN: 788453, FFM user ID: jtdickerson, name: Joshua Dickerson.

Choosing your South Carolina Obamacare Agent

North Carolina Obamacare Agent Update – 10/23/2013

The federal marketplace website is still experiencing sporadic bugs. In particular, the identity verification process appears to be unreliable, especially for applicants with a recent change of address. As your North Carolina Obamacare agent, we advise waiting until November 1st before attempting to apply. Remember – you have until December 15, 2013 to enroll. Though we are receiving anecdotal reports of applications being processed successfully, we are still being told that Obamacare Insurance carriers are receiving bad data from the exchange. We hope by the end of the month, the “tech surge” announced by the president will have resolved any lingering issues.

North Carolina Obamacare Agent Update – 10/24/2013

We are seeing improvements with the identity verification portion of the marketplace website! The document upload feature seems to now be working correctly. Previously identity verification document uploads gave an error code of 10MB max file size. As your North Carolina Obama Care Agent, we recommend contacting us before attempting to apply. Our remote screen sharing enrollment capability can save you time and frustration!

North Carolina Obamacare Agent Update – 10/25/2013

We are receiving anecdotal reports of problems with the health enrollment application submission process on Having problems with your marketplace enrollment? Contact us today for assistance! In addition, yesterday, the Washington Post is reporting that the President has delayed the individual mandate for Obamacare enrollment 6 weeks – until March 31st, 2014. This is great news for the many North Carolina residents having trouble with their Obamacare enrollments!

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