North Carolina Marketplace Update – December 10, 2013

10 Dec , 2013,
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This is simply a quick update, as we are BUSY helping people get enrolled! The health insurance exchange has been functioning fairly reliably over the past couple of weeks. Noticeable improvements to occurred in the December 1st, 2013 update. These improvements included many new features that allow us, acting as your North Carolina Obamacare Agent, to resolve many of the glitches previously experienced on If you have tried to complete an application and received errors, CALL US TODAY at 843-367-8372 – we can help!

Last Friday, I was able to enroll a single person, with premium subsidies and cost sharing subsidies in UNDER 25 minutes! Health Insurance APPROVEDToday, I helped a Wake county resident save over almost $400 a month with a new 2014 plan. However, TIME IS RUNNING OUT if you need new insurance effective January 1st, 2014. Please call or email us ASAP if you need January 1st coverage. As we get closer to the December 23rd and December 15th deadlines, the Exchange Marketplace website is getting busier. This morning was very busy, with wait times up to 15 minutes just to get in. Thankfully, we also have the issuer-based pathway, AKA the “backdoor” access to the Federal Exchange Marketplace. Thankfully, the “backdoor” has not been subject to the long wait times experienced on the front end of